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Reading Selectively Or Extensively

Some people think when we read we should read selectively. That is to say, we should select some books we are interested in and ignore the others. Reading selectively can help us concentrate our limited time and attention on those selected books.

Others think we should read extensively. No matter what kind of book it is, we should look it over. We should read various kinds of books, whether we are interested in them or not. They maintain that reading extensively can help to enlarge our view and grasp the general knowledge in different fields.

In my opinion, the two reading ways have their roles respectively in our reading. However, the disadvantages of each methods are easy to see. If we only read the books we select or prefer, the framework of our knowledge may not be complete. Our knowledge would be rather limited. And if we read without selection, we may not have so much time and energy to be specialized in one particular field. Therefore, the combination of the two methods is more reasonable.



In recent years, many famous universities lower admission requirements for celebrities. More and more celebrities, especially sports stars, have been admitted to famous universities even without an entry examination. This phenomenon has become a subject of widespread controversy.

Some people object strongly that universities lower admission requirements for celebrities. They hold that this admission pattern will damage the basic fairness rule of education. In addition, they say that if a person who has not enough academic ability is admitted to the university, it would be an insult on college education. However, still other people think it acceptable. They say that these celebrities deserve this privilege because they have proved their abilities in their field. Besides, in their opinions, these celebrities to some extent set a good model for other young people.

Weighing these two arguments, I prefer the latter one. For one thing, these celebrities have sacrificed much learning time for their work, so they should be provided a better chance for learning. For another, if they accept advanced education, they could serve the society better. Therefore, I suggest that people should pay more attention to these celebrities efforts and contributions rather than the special treatment they enjoy.



In this part, you are to write a composition of no less than 150 words about College Graduates Work as Village Officials. You should write according to the outline given below. Please remember to write it clearly on the ANSWER SHEET.

Some college graduates choose to work as village officials.

1. Do you think it is a good idea?

2. What can they offer the countryside?

3. What can they gain from their village positions?


Nowadays, there is a growing tendency that college graduates in mounting numbers choose to work as village officials after graduation. Peoples attitudes towards this phenomenon differ sharply. Some hold the positive view while others are against it. From my perspective, I believe that it is a wise choice.

The reason why I support them can be listed as follows: on the one hand, college graduates can contribute a lot to the development of the countryside. Firstly, having received formal education and professional training in universities, college graduates can help peasants master advanced technology. Besides, by spreading and introducing new concepts, they can also accelerate the development of rural culture. Consequently, the gap between the city and the countryside can be gradually narrowed. On the other hand, college graduates themselves can also benefit a lot from being village officials. In the first place, wyuasa-dc.comorking in rural areas with adverse environmental condition and lower living standard, they are more likely to foster a spirit of hard-working and independence. Moreover, compared with their peers competing for limited positions, those who work as village officials enjoy more opportunities and are more likely to bring their abilities and potential into full play.

Therefore, it is a win-win choice for college graduates to work as village officials and more graduates should be encouraged to work in the countryside.


A Curse Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

A famous saying goes that A curse can be a blessing in disguise. Simple as the saying is, its meaning is profound and thought-provoking. Evidently, it is meant to tell us that unfavorable conditions can one day prove to be favorable ones ant that we should not be indulged in depression after we have met setbacks.

Actually, history abounds with examples to prove this saying. Taking a look around, we can also find examples too many to enumerate. Here I can think of no better illustration of the proverb than the experience of my own. Though performing well enough in the college entrance exam, I was only provided with the opportunity to enroll in a second-class university. However, I did not lose my heart. Instead, I found the remoteness and quietness of the campus a favorable condition for my study. In terms of English, I have passed CET-4 with a high score. Now I believe I can do the same with my CET-6.

Bringing what has been discussed into a conclusion, we may say that curse can also turn into a blessing. So, one should not indulge himself in bitterness and complaint after he meets setbacks. What he really has to do is to seek opportunities and turn adversities into favorable conditions. In a word, we should truly understand the profound meaning of the proverb and take the right actions in our life and work in the future.

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